H.E.A.T. Program

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How long will it take to receive my benefit?

Your application will take four to six weeks to process, therefore you will need to continue to make your utility payments. In four to six weeks you will receive a letter indicating whether your application was approved or denied. If approved, the amount issued to the utility companies will be noted on the letter, as well as a percentage of how you chose to divide your benefit. If denied, it will indicate the reason. You must keep this letter for your reference and verification for other programs.

How is my benefit paid?
The State of Utah generates payments directly to the utility source, therefore Futures Through Training will not have any control over the issuance of benefits.

Who do I contact to find out about my H.E.A.T. benefit?
You may contact the HEAT Program Supervisor (located in contacts) if it has been longer than six weeks from the time you submitted your application or had your interview with an intake worker.

Can I apply more than once during the H.E.A.T. season?
No, If you or a household member has already applied and a letter of approval was received during the HEAT season, then your household is not eligible to apply again

Does my name have to be on the utility bills to apply for H.E.A.T.?
No, however it is advised to have service in your name.

Can you help with water bills?
No, we do not help with water, sewage or garbage costs. The funding issuance criterion does not allow us to assist with these utilities.

Do I have to bring in all my information every year?
Yes, you must bring all your documents every year, as we only determine eligibility for the month prior to your application date.

Do I have to report assets?

No, we do not count assets.

How can I apply?
You may apply three ways:

  1. Schedule online an appointment at
  2. Call to schedule a face to face interview. 801-394-9774
  3. Home Visit -Only if health conditions exist and you are unable to complete any of the above options you may: Request an outreach worker to come to your home or we can mail an application to you.

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