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Before you start a job, you should always find out what kind of clothes are appropriate. The best time to ask is after you have accepted the job, then you can ask what is the "dress code."

Business or Professional:
Do wear a suit and tie, or professional dress every day to work.
Don't wear anything less professional

Business Casual:
Men - Do wear: slacks and a high quality shirt with dress shoes.
Women - Do wear: knee length or longer skirts or slacks, with closed-toed shoes, and sweaters or blouses.
Don't wear: jeans, t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, sneakers, cowboy boots, sandals, hats, anything with holes in it.

Colored denim pants or slacks, clean shirts.
Check with your employer about the company's rule on blue-jeans, t-shirts and sandals. Every employer is different so ask about the rules.

Wear whatever the required outfit is.
Make sure you wash your uniform after every shift, or have more than one uniform to switch off wearing.
Most employers that require a uniform will want specific colored shoes, or shoe types. Check with the employer about the shoes.

No matter what the dress code is, always make sure that you also prepare yourself before you go to work every day. Every day before you leave for work, do the following:

  • Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed
  • Bathe and wash your hair
  • Use deodorant
  • Brush your teeth & take breath mints with you
  • Comb your hair and make it look nice
  • Look in the mirror and make sure you look good.
  • Men – Shave

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