Many companies offer benefit packages that include paid vacation. While they do pay you for time off, there are certain things that you need to remember and do whenever you take your vacation time:

  1. Request Time Off In Advance:
    You need to ASK for time off. Most companies need at least two weeks notice for vacations. Others may require a month's notice, and will only have certain times of the year when you can take off for your vacation time. Make sure you know what your employer's preferences are on taking your time.
  2. Never Assume That You Are Going to be Able to Go On Vacation Just Because You Want To:
    Never make travel plans without first checking with the company to make sure that your vacation will be approved. You can't always know what else may be going on in the company, and it is a privilege to go on vacation – REMEMBER vacation time is a benefit, not an entitlement.
  3. Get It In Writing:
    When you arrange for time off, make sure you get the approval written down. Many companies have forms to request off time, and if you fill one out, get it signed by your supervisor before you make travel arrangements. Also, always keep a copy of the signed approval.
  4. Keep Working Up to the Last Hour Before Your Vacation:
    Employers expect you to work while you are at work. Sometimes it is difficult to keep working, and put in an honest day's work when you are looking forward to time off. To make sure your employer is willing to keep Vacation Time Benefits, make sure you follow through with your work responsibilities.