Pesticide Outreach Program

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Basic Questions and Answers


The purpose of this site is to Help Utah's Farmers to:

Minimize Farmworker risks associated with working in and with pesticides

  • Provide EPA requires Pesticide Safety Training to their workers
  • Comply with EPA regulations for a safe workplace where pesticides are mixed and applied
  • Recognize and successfully handle pesticide related emergencies
  • Schedule free EPA approved Pesticide Safety Training
  • Get access to the information they need to protect their workers as required by the EPA

Some of the basic information that Farmers and Contractors throughout the State of Utah need to know:

EPA Requires:

All Farm Employees Who Work with Plants Treated with Pesticides Must Complete Pesticide Safety Training -- broken link ss
Part of The Worker Protection Standard for Agriculture Pesticides


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H.E.A.T. Program

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Utah Farmworker Program

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Pesticide Outreach Program

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