Is having the pesticide applicator state certified good enough?
NO! EPA requires EVERYONE who comes in contact with a product that has been exposed to pesticides within 30 days to complete Pesticide Safety Training

Pesticide Safety Training?
5 days

responsibility is it to make sure the workers all have their Pesticide Safety Training (Verifiable by their WPS blue cards)?
The farm owner or operator

How long can you legally work someone without EPA Whose After the workers take Pesticide Safety Training -- broken link, how long is the training or Blue WPS card good for?
5 years
What fines are there for farms out of compliance with WPS (including working people without having Pesticide Safety Training)?
$100-$300 for first offense And Under FIFRA:
Private Applicators: up to $1,000 and 30 days in prison
Commercial Applicators: up to $25,000 and 1 year in prison
Who Can Help With WPS Pesticide Safety Training -- broken link and Questions?
Corrie Hout at Futures Through Training, Inc.
1-800-953-8850 ext. 19
Clark Burgess at Utah State Department of Agriculture
(801) 538-7188
A. J. Ferguson at Utah Farm Bureau



Utah Labor Commission’s Workplace Safety Program for Making this Possible.