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Is there a difference between an "Immigrant" and a "Migrant?"

YES! An "Immigrant" is someone who moves from one country to another. A "Migrant" worker moves from one place to another following the work; migrating to work in their field. Migrant workers are unable to return "home" every night. Many Migrant workers are Immigrants, but many other Migrant workers are born and raised U.S. citizens. Migrant status is about the work and NOT immigration status.

Is the Utah Farmworker Program a program for immigrants?

This program is to help people who work in agriculture. Applicants must have a legal right to work in the U.S., and that includes U.S. Natives, Citizens and Legal Immigrants.

Can the Documented Dependant of an Undocumented Farmworker apply for the program?

Yes. Only the applicant needs to have a legal right in the U.S.

Do Undocumented family members count in the number of household members for program eligibility?

Yes. Everyone counts.

Does the income of Undocumented family members count in the household income for program eligibility?

Yes. All income from all members of the household counts.

What can this program do for Undocumented Immigrants?

We work with the Utah Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Coalition to ensure that Farmworkers with emergencies will have access to assistance. This program provides referral services regardless of immigration status.

Can FTT staff give immigration advice?

No. We do not have any lawyers on staff, and we are not qualified to give legal advice.

Does FTT report people to Immigration?

No. We are a service agency and we have no dealings with ICE or any other governmental Immigration Agency.

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